Google Safe Perusing is an administration through which Google gives arrangements of URLs (locations) of sites that contain malware or phishing content.  These arrangements of suspicious destinations are persistently redesigned utilizing Google's web crawlers, programs that scour the web to list locales for Google's web index.  Records from the Google Safe Perusing administration are utilized by programs, for example, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and apple Safari for checking website pages clients are attempting to access against potential dangers. The administration issues cautions when they are going to open sites or substance Google has delegated vindictive. The notices are show as 'visual messages' alongside particular subtle elements identifying with the malevolent substance concerned.

The administration is additionally intended to obstruct the downloading of documents contaminated with malware and, once a client's PC has been tainted, it can issue guidelines on the best way to distinguish and evacuate the malware.  Individuals from the general population can likewise get to the arrangements of risky locales by means of an open Programming interface for the administration. [A Programming interface, or application program interface, is an arrangement of guidelines that indicates the capacities or schedules required to finish a particular errand, for example, perusing a specific rundown of websites مسح كل المواقع التي دخلت عليها  Moreover, Google utilizes its Sheltered Perusing administration to send web access suppliers email alarms with respect to dangers facilitated on their systems.

More than one billion web clients are as of now utilizing the Protected Perusing administration, either straightforwardly or in a roundabout way and, as per Google, it is issuing three million notices seven days.

The administration is recognized as being profoundly effective in shielding clients from malware and phishing assaults.  Security worries with Google's Sheltered Perusing administration  When utilizing Google's open Programming interface (the Sheltered Perusing Query Programming interface) to look at a suspicious website page, individuals from general society who are worried about their protection should be wary. The URLs (locations) to be turn upward are not hashed (scrambled) so the Google server knows which URLs have been looked into utilizing this Programming interface. This makes following your online exercises ultra-simple.  The Firefox and Safari programs however utilize a moment variant of the Programming interface, Safe Perusing Programming interface v2, to trade information with the server. This uses hashed URLs so the Google server never knows the real URLs questioned by the client.